This code is supposed to reverse the first number items in my_list, while keeping the remainder of the list in its original order.

list_copy=[]i=0j=number - 1while i < number or j >=0:list_copy[i]=my_list[j]i +=1j -=1for i in range(number,length(my_list)):list_copy[i]=my_list[i]

I've used pen & paper to run the iterations and can't figure out why I'm getting "list assignment index out of range". What am I missing?


    - copy first NUMBER elements from my_list to list_copy


    - remove first NUMBER elements from my_list

    Update, without slicing:

    list_copy=[]j=number - 1while j >=0:list_copy.append(my_list[j])del my_list[j] # if you need remove elements from original listj -=1

    You did have "index out of range" because Python interpreter tries to get list_copy[i] from the empty list. Just use list_copy.append() for filling empty lists.

    • I need to achieve it without using slicing. It's a homework assignment.– SoundscapeNov 18 at 10:40
    • Updated, without slicing– moveax3Nov 18 at 10:51
    • Brilliant, thanks.– SoundscapeNov 20 at 7:38

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