Something strange: I cannot use a method implemented in an imported Class.I have the class called "" which contains an implemented method called "isFrom()", as you can see below:

import java.util.List;import java.util.function.Function;public class Person implements Comparable<Person> {private String name;private String role;private String city;private LocalDate birthdate;public Person(String name, String role, String city, LocalDate birthdate) {super();;this.role=role;;this.birthdate=birthdate;}public boolean isFrom(String name) {return city.equals(name);}public String getRole() {return role;}@Overridepublic String toString() {return "Stakeholder [name=" + name + ", role=" + role + ", city=" + city + ", birthdate=" + birthdate + "]";}public boolean isOlderThan(Person other) {return birthdate.isBefore(other.birthdate);}public boolean isYoungerThan(Person other) {return birthdate.isAfter(other.birthdate);}/** * Questa è una funzione di ordine superiore (higher-order function) perché restituisce una funzione* */public static Function<Person, LocalDate> toBirthdate() {return p -> p.birthdate;}public LocalDate getBirthdate() {return birthdate;}public String getName() {return name;}@Overridepublic int compareTo(Person o) {return name.compareTo(;}public String getCity() {return city;}public static List<Person> makeList() {List<Person> persons=new ArrayList<>();persons.add(new Person("Paolo Bianchi", "Tecnico", "Milano", LocalDate.of(1960, 4, 15)));persons.add(new Person("Mario Rossi", "Tecnico", "Milano", LocalDate.of(1981, 3, 25)));persons.add(new Person("Lucia Verdi", "Tecnico", "Milano", LocalDate.of(1955, 5, 1)));persons.add(new Person("Marzia Gentile", "Commerciale", "Milano", LocalDate.of(1969, 6, 3)));persons.add(new Person("Anna De Rosa", "Responsabile", "Milano", LocalDate.of(1974, 4, 22)));persons.add(new Person("Paola De Blasi", "Tecnico", "Torino", LocalDate.of(1967, 8, 11)));persons.add(new Person("Maria Abate", "Tecnico", "Torino", LocalDate.of(1977, 10, 21)));persons.add(new Person("Federico Cacciari", "Commerciale", "Torino", LocalDate.of(1962, 12, 17)));persons.add(new Person("Arturo Pace", "Commerciale", "Roma", LocalDate.of(1979, 10, 19)));persons.add(new Person("Giovanni Tomassini", "Commerciale", "Genova", LocalDate.of(1974, 9, 8)));return persons;}}

Thus, I have created another class called "" with the purpose to try to use Streams along the set created by method "makeList()" of the previous class. Inside the stream I try to call "isFrom()" method but it is like if it doesn't find the method:

Cannot resolve method 'isFrom(java.lang.String)

And that's strange, because I have implemented that method in Person class. The code of this second class is represented below:

import java.util.List;import ardea.project.Person;public class InternalIterator {public static void main(String[] args) {List persons=Person.makeList();long -> p.isFrom("Milano")).count();System.out.println("Persone di Milano: " + count);}}

I can't figure out, I also tryng with Person.isFrom() but nothing to do

    The reason is that you are using a raw type.

    List persons=Person.makeList();

    and hence when you create a stream out of persons the type is inferred as an Object.

    Instead, do

    List<Person> persons=Person.makeList();

    Recommended reading:

    What is a raw type and why shouldn't we use it?

    • Oh! Solved!! Thank you! I couldn't figure it out because that's an example of a e-learning guide..thus the code represented in this example is not true– Alfonso SilvestriMay 18 at 14:56

    Use this :List<Person> persons=Person.makeList();

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