I followed the below links for encrypting the password in my application properties file.



I am just wondering which option here is more safer keeping the jasypt.encryptor.password in the application properties(then someone will decrypt my encrypted password using encryptor password.)

Or I shall pass it as a jvm parameter while starting the application.

Just wanted thoughts. Thanks in advance

  • There's nothing concrete or factual here; you're looking for opinions. We shouldn't be giving you opinions.– MakotoFeb 14 at 20:36

If you don't want to keep the real password in application.properties file to keep it as a secret, it wouldn't make any sense to keep the necessary information to decode it in there - you might just as well keep the decoded password there in that case. Thus passing it as a jvm parameter would be more safer - that way people who have access to the repository wouldn't have access to the password.

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