What am I doing wrong?

I am getting errors when using the script from this page. https://github.com/andy-sen/php-bond-yield

This is what is given as an example on the website, but does not work for me.

<?phprequire_once 'bondyield.php';printf("%f\n",BondYield::Calculate('2001-12-16',99, '2002-01-15',5,2,100));

I get 6 errors like this:

Strict Standards: Non-static method BondYield::getDateParams() should not be called statically in public_html/00_test/bondyield.php on line 93


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  • because Calculate is not static function– Ganesh KanduFeb 13 at 17:17

check this

<?phprequire_once 'bondyield.php';$obj=new BondYield();printf("%f\n",$obj->Calculate('2001-12-16',99, '2002-01-15',5,2,100));
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  • Ahhh! that did it. thx.– user2299779Feb 14 at 5:05
  • Also, if you want to assign it to a variable use $x=sprintf("%f\n",BondYie...– user2299779Feb 14 at 5:14

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