Now I have a .so file but no related headers attached.
Are there recommended methods to analysis and use the functions inside the library?

Ok, I think it can be two parts:
"how to load the library" and "how to use the library".

First I tried to use dlopen to load it,then compiling passed but segmentation fault occurred upon execution.

I tried with system built-in library instead and it's OK
so I wondered maybe I should hook gdb with the .so during execution to see what happened?

But before that I use nm to list the function names of the shared object,it works good so I guess the shared object was not broken.

Or maybe should I try to rebuild a header from the nm results?Is this possible? how?

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  • You will be missing the parameters and calling convention - so not easy.– Richard CrittenFeb 13 at 17:55

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