I have a multi-module project:


  • Module A
  • Module B

Module B contains tests that depend on Module A running (ie. in an application server).

Right now, whenever I run mvn install Module A builds before Module B. There are two goals that execute during each build that start the module and then stop the module. The tests run in between these two goals; ie. start module > run tests > stop module

My problem right on is that Module A starts and stops before Module B runs its tests. Since the tests for Module B depend on Module A being started, they ultimately fail.

Is there any way to execute the start goals for both of these modules concurrently? ie. Module A starts > Module B starts > Module B runs its tests > Module A stops > Module B stops.

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  • It sounds (If I correctly understand) you have circular dependency in your tests...– khmarbaiseFeb 13 at 17:58
  • Not exactly, the tests depend on both modules running, but they execute as a part of one module. So, Module B depends on Module A but not the other way around. I guess what I need is a way to control the order of execution of the goals, such that I can execute the same goal for both modules strictly one after the other rather than waiting for the build to finish for one module first.– kubik42Feb 13 at 19:10
  • Can you please make an example project on github....– khmarbaiseFeb 14 at 7:37

I found a reasonable solution. What I ended up doing was define two profiles in Module B's pom, both of which use the exec-maven-plugin to execute the start/stop goals for Module A before (pre-integration-test) and after (post-integration-test) the tests in Module B.

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