I want change the placeholder in a template dynamically over the input of a textbox but it not work after change the value. Initial it work perfect.



Working example thanks @Roy J


Example of the component (without the textbox logic)

<customValueComponent :item="config" :value="'ConfigValue1'" />

Code of the customValue component

customValueComponent: {props: {item: {type: Object,required: true},value: {type: String,required: true}},watch: {value: function (newVal, oldVal) { // watch itconsole.log('Prop changed: ', newVal, ' | was: ', oldVal)this.$options.template='<div>{{ item.' + this.value + '}}</div>';}},created: function () {this.$options.template='<div>{{ item.' + this.value + '}}</div>';},template: ''}


var config={ConfigValue1: "Titanium",ConfigValue2: "Gold",ConfigValue3: "Silver",ConfigValue4: "Bronze",ConfigValue5: "Copper",...};

    $options is read-only. This is not how you change values in a template. Vue updates values as they change. Your component definition should be

    Vue.component('customvalue-component', {props: {item: {type: Object,required: true},value: {type: String,required: true,}},template: '<div>{{value}}</div>'});

    And your binding on the component should be

    <customvalue-component :item="config" :value="config[value1]" />
    • I want change the placeholder {{item.ConfigValue1}} or {{item.ConfigValue2}}– live2Feb 13 at 17:34
    • See updated answer.– Roy JFeb 13 at 17:36
    • can you give ma example if the main object is nested, config[value1.x] or config[value1.y] ?– live2Feb 13 at 17:49
    • config[value1].x or config[value1].y. Ordinary JavaScript object indexing. value1 is a string from the input, used as an index.– Roy JFeb 13 at 17:51

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