I am trying to read from a csv file and add each row to a database in c++. The csv file is in the form id,firstname,surname,job my code is:

while (file.good()){getline (file, id, ',');getline (file, firstname, ',');getline (file, surname, ',');getline (file, job, ' ');cur->set_sql( "INSERT INTO staff VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?);" );cur->prepare();cur->bind(1, id);cur->bind(2, firstname);cur->bind(3, surname);cur->bind(4, job);cur->step();cur->reset();}

but when I run the code it returns the error Sqlite error: Could not reset the virtual machine. I do not understand what this means or how to solve it. I searched the error on google but I can't find anything about it

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  • Have you looked at the return code of step?– UKMonkeyFeb 13 at 17:15
  • @UKMonkey it returns 0– Rory DanesFeb 13 at 17:20
  • Call sqlite3_errmsg() to get the actual error message.– CL.Feb 13 at 19:18
  • @CL. It returns 1 which means sqlite_error– Rory DanesFeb 13 at 22:18
  • sqlite3_errmsg() does not return a number.– CL.Feb 14 at 7:37

Error comes from libsqlite.hpp (check search on github.com)

void reset(){int rc=sqlite3_reset(this->_s);if (rc !=SQLITE_OK) {exception e("Could not reset the virtual machine.");throw e;}this->_valid=true;this->_has_row=false;this->_prepared=false;}

I haven't digg into this but it looks like sqilte query contain error or can't run.

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