I have this code running two threads:

class Counter extends Thread {public Counter (String name) {super(name);}@Overridepublic void run () {int counter=0;while (counter <=100000) {System.out.println(this.getName() + ": " + counter++);}}}public class EjemploPrioridades {public static void main(String[] args) {Counter thread1=new Counter("thread 1");thread1.setPriority(10);Counter thread2=new Counter("thread 2");thread2.setPriority(1);thread1.start();thread2.start();}}

I'd like to see the threads with the application Java Mission Control but all can see is this:enter image description hereAs you can see, the threads 'thread 1' and 'thread 2' doesn't appear.How can I see them?Thank you very much

    It would seem your example would be rather short lived. Are you sure it still ran whilst you were recording? Can you share your recording?

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